The CF Team

An experienced team of Cold Chain Experts

Our CF People care and perform to high service standards

It takes a lot to run a fluid operation in any business and ours, like yours, depends on the people you have and the commitment to service they make. We are very proud of the loyal, long-standing team members at Confederation Freezers. Family owned and operated since 1974, our family extends beyond the Greenspan name to every individual serving our customers and often our customers too.

It truly is a team effort at Confederation Freezers. We have well trained staff and back-up contingencies in place when someone is away. We communicate with our clients to ensure they have the information they need to run the warehousing segment of their business in a seamless fashion. As their 3PL partner in the cold chain, we take that responsibility seriously and believe we are both proactive and reactive to situations that could affect service levels on a 24/7 basis.