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Confederation Freezers creates value for our valued customers by providing all the integrated services they need in addition to temperature-controlled warehousing. From re-packaging and re-labelling, to customs documentation. Confederation Freezers’ provides:

Blast Freezing

A freezing method in which products are arranged with maximum surface exposure to low temperature circulating airflow for fast freezing at temperatures as low as –40°.

Cross Docking

Cross docking is the process of receiving products through an inbound dock and then transferring them across the dock to the outbound transportation dock. The concept is to distribute a supplier's items to their customer with minimal handling and storage time.

Take Weights

Products that are received in random weights, such as turkeys, are recorded for invoicing purposes.

Case Picking

Selection of full cases of product when the order is less than a full pallet.

Flipping Pallets

The shifting of product from one pallet to another – product arrives on a 4-way pallet and must be transferred to a CPC or CHEP for distribution.

Cycle Counts

An inventory audit practice in which different portions of an inventory are counted and verified on a continuous schedule. By engaging in regular cycle counts, our business experiences high levels of inventory record accuracy. A complete physical inventory audit during your company’s year-end week is also available upon request.

Room Freezing

Is a more relaxed concept, similar to blast freezing. It is the process of slowly chilling fresh inventory to frozen, at a constant temperature of -18 Celsius.

Multi-customer, Third-party Logistics Billing

When inventory is held by one customer and billed to another.

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is the handling of small to large quantities of product (usually truck loads), disassembling them, picking the appropriate product for each destination and repalletizing them with a proper shipping label attached.


Co-packing is the process of bundling or combining of products together in a new configuration for display purposes, multi-pack assembling, re-branding, or even seasonal gift boxes.

Customer Access

Customer inventory access has never been easier or faster, with our online customer access provided by Accellos E-Vista. View shipment and receipt details, as well inventory balances, and history on demand.

Customs Assistance

Preparation of customs export documents.