Multi-Temp Warehousing

A Cool choice for your warehousing

Your set temperatures are maintained to exacting standards

Confederation Freezers’ temperature-controlled storage facilities are available to effectively warehouse your set temperature requirements across a wide range of products. Much of what we do is destined for the refrigerated and frozen sections of major food retailers throughout Canada. While we are proud of our expertise in meeting your cold storage requirements, our ongoing expansion has also given us excellent capacity for your dry goods requiring ambient temperature requirements.

Our state-of-the-art refrigeration systems are capable of providing temperatures ranging from –29˚C (–20˚F) to +2˚C (+36˚F). Customers can rest assured that each facility is monitored 24-hours per day, guaranteeing safety and security for your products.

Safe and secure food storage

All Confederation Freezers’ temperature-controlled storage locations are Canadian Food Inspection Agency certified. All facilities are HACCP and WHMIS recognized, as well as USDA registered. In addition, premises are audited annually by the American Sanitation Institute. Features include:

  • Re-inspection facilities (CFIA approved)
  • RF capable, bar-coding, case/pallet scanning
  • Slip sheet and drum handling
  • Rail siding
  • Loading/unloading containers
  • Stamping, labeling and re-packing
  • Export and customs documentation